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Our business activities are starting with your ideas, our technologies, analyzing concepts and feasibilities, through preparation of prototypes with light output measurement till ready for use samples in experimental vehicles. Or we transfer your desires for a specific light-design or ambient lighting into renderings and simulation on the PC, before we transfer your automotive interior CAD data into real time simulation. This is followed by series development until start of series production. Today we are focused on following  technologies:

  • Functional interior lamps hidden in textiles
  • Ambient lighting functions – illuminated textiles, realized through several different technologies, also to be used as backlighting of existing textiles
  • Smart textiles
  • Embroidery technology for electrical conductible components onto textiles (incl. switching and power electronics)
  • Touch-free switching technology (capacitive or via gesture and camera)
  • Connector technology via “self-finding-magnetic-fastener”

Our lighting textiles are repeatedly tested for automotive requirements and are already tested “ok”. But nevertheless – special application-technological requirements have to be re-checked for each application. Each task has its own and special requirements to be full filled, and testing procedures for headliners, doors or décor blends are all different. Furthermore each supplier has its own technologies and process specialties with different types of processed glues. Very latest technologies have to run through the whole releasing and testing procedures to be finally used for series development and series production. From these R&D-themes our prototype manufacturers, which have proven their automotive know-how and capability in already many projects, mold, deep-draw, glue, mill… your presentable and representative samples.

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