You are looking for the “innovative special” not everybody has already for bringing your location into a genuine impressive atmosphere? You are searching for the eye-catcher with the “aha-effect”? We offer you something very exclusive!
With our illuminated textiles you can set the highlights where you exactly want to have them. You can place them at areas, where nobody has thought about illumination and lighting before:  

Our illuminated textiles are available in different colors and designs, as well as different textiles qualities, layers and thicknesses. The textiles are all on a high quality level.
Our LED modules as lighting source are robust, durable, have a low energy consumption and are available in different LED colors.

This allows you complete freedom of design, and the look-and-feel at daytime or ambient feeling at night. Also changing colors are possible through RGB-LED modules.
You are searching for an illuminated curtain? Or an illuminated table-runner? Illuminated pillows? In our galerie you will find some ideas….

For special sizes or application we are happy to tailor the textiles to your accurately-fitting.

Effect and illuminated clothing:
Some of existing illuminated design cloths you can chose in our gallery. We are happy to help you to create your own design.

All of our illuminated textiles are very robust and can be washed (recommended: by hand) and respectively used for out-door application.